The High School
Tutoring Program

The personalized support your child needs
to succeed and progress into the
post-secondary program of their dreams!

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How we Ensure Success for your Child:

In the High School Tutoring Program at Step Up Academy, we:

  • Pair your child up with a High School Certified Teacher
  • Find teachers who are specialists in their subject
  • Ensure your child is being taught by someone who has already taught this course in the past
  • Provide your child with the following supports:

Ask questions about what they don’t understand

Learn ahead into future content

Prepare for upcoming tests and exams with specialized support

Receive help with assignments

Additional practice work as needed to fill in learning gaps

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The TOP 3 Reasons Why Parents Seek Out
High School Tutoring Support

Assessments in high school are worth A LOT – sometimes even up to 30% of your child’s mark.

The high school semester flies by SUPER FAST! Your child might only have 5 months to learn a whole new set of concepts and complete all their work.

The concepts taught in high school are usually all new and quite advanced. Many students need additional support beyond the large classes they are in to effectively grasp and understand the information.

Class Structure

Choose from any of the following:


  • 1 class per week.
  • Class is 2 hours in length.
  • Choose one subject to focus on with a specialized High School Teacher.


  • Unlimited number of hours.
  • Choose one subject to focus on with a specialized High School Teacher.

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Your Child’s Challenges & How We Help

Challenges your
high school child
might experience

Time Management
Many students struggle to manage different courses, teachers and the various assignments and tests at the same time.

Test Anxiety
Tests that are worth a lot and need to be completed in a set amount of time lead students to worry and experience anxiety.

Low Confidence/self-doubt
With the many academic and social changes that come with high school, many students feel lost.

Lack of Engagement
As the content becomes more challenging, many students cope by disconnecting from it. They present an air of not caring.

Stress of Being overworked
Many students feel pressured to achieve as much as possible academically, socially and with extra-curriculars.

How we help at
step up academy

Your child’s teacher at Step Up Academy will check in during each class on the work they have for a specific course and upcoming work to keep them on track.

With test and exam preparation support, your child’s teacher at Step Up Academy will be able to provide the necessary clarification and practice to help your child do well.

Since your child’s teacher at Step Up Academy is certified to work with teenagers, they can provide the social/emotional support needed to help build confidence.

With the personalized and 1-on-1 support your child will receive at Step Up Academy, we will take the time to understand your child’s needs and how to engage them.

Your high school certified teacher at Step Up Academy can connect with your child to plan ahead and focus their energy on specific things rather than being spread out too thin.

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